About Retirees

The Trustees have established the Retiree Plan of the I.B.E.W. 332 Health and Welfare Trust Fund on the basis that the employer contributions on the Active Employees will if continued, maintain this plan for Retirees. All Retirees, regardless of whether they qualify for Medicare or not, will receive a partial subsidy from employer contributions earned by the Actives.


You can select any dentist of your choice. To receive the plan’s highest level of benefits and pay the lowest out-of-pocket costs, use an Anthem PPO Dental 100/200/300 plan network dentist.

Calendar-Year Maximum Benefit is $1,000 per person, except dependent children under age 19 for whom there is no calendar year dental maximum except for the Orthodontia lifetime maximum benefit.

View the Dental Provider Instructions here.


Your vision benefits are provided through VSP. You will get the highest level of care, including a WellVision Exam – a comprehensive exam designed to detect eye and health conditions. When you see a VSP provider, you’ll get the most out of your benefit, have lower out-of-pocket costs, and your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Using your vision benefits:

  • Register at   vsp.com. Once your plan is effective, review your benefit information.
  • Find an eyecare provider who is right for you.  The decision is yours to make – choose a VSP provider or any out-of-network provider. To find a VSP provider, visit vsp.com or call (800) 877-7195.
  • At your appointment, tell them you have VSP.  There is no ID card necessary. If you would like a card as a reference, you can print one on  vsp.com.
  • There are no claim forms to complete when you see a VSP provider.

Hearing Care

Hearing care, which is provided by or ordered by a physician or certified audiologist, is subject to the following limits:

1. $30 for one hearing examination in a 24-month period.

2. The first $500 for each hearing device paid in full and 50% of any additional up to a maximum of $1,000 Plan payment.

3. Limit of two hearing devices in a two-year period.

Smoking Cessation

Effective August 1, 2014, the Plan will cover 100% of the costs for in-network smoking cessation benefits associated with screening for tobacco use, and two (2) cessation attempts per calendar year. For each smoking cessation attempt, the Plan will cover four (4) counseling sessions, and a 9O-day supply of Food and Drug Administration (FDA)-approved cessation medications when prescribed by your healthcare provider. The Plan will cover 60% of out-of-network smoking cessation benefits, with the same calendar year limits on counseling sessions and prescription medications.


Listen to the HRA Presentation on June 10, 2023 and view the presentation materials.


  1. Are day/night guards covered? Yes.
  2. Are work boots covered? Yes, with a letter of medical necessity from the patient’s doctor.
  3. Are dental braces covered for both children and adults? Yes, both children and adult braces are covered.
  4. Are CPAP materials covered? Yes.
  5. Are ambulance expenses covered? Yes.
  6. Are ABA therapies for autistic children covered? Yes, with a letter of medical necessity from the patient’s doctor.
  7. Is school testing for dyslexia covered? Yes, with a letter of medical necessity from the patient’s doctor.
  8. Is sunscreen, tiger balm, or icy hot covered? Yes, the sunscreen must be SPF 30 or more.
  9. Can a chiropractor prescribe massage? Yes.
  10. Can I opt out/bypass the HRA all together? No.
  11. Can I withdraw excess funds as taxable income? No.
  12. Can I withdraw money from my account? No.
  13. Do funds expire? No.
  14. How do I determine the amount in the account? Call UAS to get your balance or create an account to always have access to your balance.
  15. When I retire how much money is on the card? The amount in the account depends on your contributions and usage.
  16. Can the HRA card be used during retirement years? Yes.
  17. Can the HRA card be used for Medicare costs? No.
  18. If a spouse passes away, can the surviving spouse use the HRA until there is a zero balance? Yes, if the spouse was covered as an eligible dependent on the member’s medical plan.
  19. Where do I send LOMN forms once filled in? They can be emailed to UAS or uploaded from your UAS web account.