Benefit Guidelines

We’ve put together these guidelines to help you determine eligibility


You are eligible for benefit coverage if you are employed under the jurisdiction of the Union as a member of the bargaining unit or working member of the firm or of the Union and if sufficient contributions have been made in your name by participating employers.

Active Employees

You and your eligible Dependents will be covered on the first day of the second month following the last day of any month in which you have accumulated a reserve of $1,925, and if contributions have been made and received in your name for the hours you have worked for one or more participating employers. The amount of accumulated reserves required for coverage are subject to annual review by the Board of Trustees. 

On the first day of the calendar month preceding each month for which you are covered, $1,925 is deducted from your reserve accumulation. The $1,925 deduction covers life, accidental death, and dismemberment, short-term disability and hospital, surgical, dental, and vision benefits. Your maximum accumulated reserve can be $23,100 (12 months), which would be after the monthly deduction. 

You may use your reserve accumulation to extend coverage only while you are employed or available for employment by a participating employer. When you are not employed or available for work by a participating employer, your reserve accumulation will be frozen and you will not be entitled to use it until you resume work for a participating employer or become available for work for a participating employer. If your reserve accumulation remains frozen for twelve (12) consecutive months, it will be cancelled and if it is cancelled, you will not be eligible for benefit coverage until you have met the requirements for “New Employee Participants” set out below. 

Notwithstanding the foregoing rules, you must use your reserve accumulation to provide extended coverage at the time you retire, or if you are unable to work for a participating employer due to disability or military service. 

After you exhaust your Reserve Bank, you may elect to pay for COBRA Continuation Coverage prior to enrolling in one of the Retiree plans (if you are eligible to participate in the Retiree Plan). 

In the event you retire with a Reserve Bank and are eligible for the Pre-Funded Early Retiree Plan, you shall first exhaust your Reserve Bank prior to receiving the 60 months of free coverage under the Pre-Funded Early Retiree Plan. After you exhaust your Bank Reserve, you may elect to pay for COBRA Continuation Coverage prior to enrolling in the Pre-Funded Early Retiree Plan.

Residual Credits

Employees with less than $1,725 and no credits for twelve (12) consecutive months shall forfeit the residual amount and thereafter establish eligibility as a new Employee.

New Employee Participants

First-time participants must have accumulated an initial reserve of $3,200 (2 months) before the monthly deduction for coverage can be made. Your Dependents become eligible for coverage on the later of (1) your eligibility date or (2) the date you acquire your first Dependent.